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Saudi Arabia approves 23 new housing projects

Saudi Arabia has have approved 23 new housing projects in various parts of the Kingdom under the ongoing programme to build houses for nationals and allocated land plots for the projects, a Saudi newspaper reported.

Etmam, a developers’ services centre at the Housing Ministry, has completed allocation of land plots for such projects with a total area of around 40 million square metres, Arabic daily Al-Madina said.

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The projects are located in the capital Riyadh, the Western towns of Makkah and Medina, the Eastern region, Tabuk in the Northwest and the Southwestern cities of Baha, Asir and Jazan, the paper said.

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It quoted the centre’s general supervisor Mohammed Al-Ghazwani as saying these projects would involve the construction of nearly 150,000 houses.

He said the centre is also working on the allocation of plots for 17 other housing projects in the Western Red Sea ports of Jeddah, Al-Qunfudah and Al-Lith, as well as Khafji in the Northeast and some towns in Asir province.