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Kolkata: Oscillating between the bizarre and the controversial, West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh has said that milk of Indian cows contain gold and also raked up the beef issue by calling those who consuming it as “anti-socials”.

     “A feature of the Indian cow is that its milk contains gold. That’s the reason the colour of the milk is yellowish,” Ghosh said in his eye-brow raising speech at a programme in Burdwan district.

But that was not all. According to the Bharatiya Janata Party Lok Sabha member, when sunlight falls on the humps of Indian cows, gold is ma”The Indian cows have humps, which the foreign cows don’t have. The foreign cow has a straight back, like a buffalo. The hump has an artery, called ‘swarnanari’ (gold artery). When sunlight falls on it, gold is made.

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“So the texture turns yellow or golden. This milk has preventive properties. A person can live on this kind of milk only. You don’t have to eat anything else. It is a complete food,” he said at a programme organised by Ghosh and Gavi Kalyan Samiti in Burdwan Town Hall.

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In an apparent reference to some Marxist leaders, including a couple of intellectuals participating in a “beef eating” event in Kolkata in 2015, Ghosh said: “Educated, intelligent people of our country consume beef openly on the Kolkata streets. I tell them have dog meat too, your health will be fine.

“You can eat whatever meat you like. But why do you do that on the streets? Take them home, who is stopping you?”But he also warned that it was a “heinous crime” to kill cows and consume its meat in India, since the animal was revered like one’s own mother, and dubbed beef eaters as “anti-socials”.

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“But we revere cows like just like we rever our mothers. When we leave mother’s milk, we survive on cow’s milk. Now if anyone does harm to my mother, what will I do to them? These people should be looked at in the same way.

“It is a heinous crime to insult, kill cows, and eat beef in the holy land of India. We will look upon them as anti-socials,” he added