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Banda: Photographs of employees wearing helmets inside a government office in Uttar Pradesh have gone viral on the social media.The photographs are of employees of the electricity department in the Banda district.The office of the electricity department is located in a dilapidated building. The roof of the room, where the employees are working, has developed several holes as the plaster has come off and a pillar in the middle of the room is holding the roof up.

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“We wear helmets at work to protect ourselves in case any mishap takes place. We have informed the seniors several times about the condition of the building, but no one has taken any action in the matter. Perhaps, they are waiting for some of us to get killed before the repairs begin,” said one of the employees.

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He said that during the rainy season, the employees bring umbrellas because the roof leaks.

The office is not only housed in a dilapidated building, but even the furniture speaks loudly about the condition of the office. There are no drawers and cupboards to keep the documents and files can be seen lying in cardboard boxes.

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None of the senior government officials were willing to comment on this.