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by Siddharth Basu

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi has in a bid to check cases of cheating and paper leaks, asked all exam centre Superintendents to ‘compulsorily use’ a mobile application, CMTM-CS app on the days of the exam for a three-step location enabled security process dealing with question papers of the main subjects. It is for the first time that the CBSE is using this application.

According to the notification issued by the board, ‘The app must be used for collection of question papers, at the time of opening sealed packets in the control room of exam centre, and at the time of sealing of question papers after the exams’. The notification further stated that, it is the duty of the centre superintendents to ascertain their correct cell phone numbers are registered with the Board, to ensure its usage immediately.

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The CBSE has also warned the superintendents that the application has time and location sensitivity and will reflect the correct position and cannot be tampered with and that ‘for any lapse in the matter of security of confidential material, the Centre Superintendent alone shall be fully responsible’.

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Ranveer Singh, Regional Director of CBSE  Dehradun  Zone, said, “Such an application is being used for the first time and is very important that it is used properly as the application is password protected. The uploading of the data with the CBSE will happen on a daily basis”. The application was developed by the IT department of the board.

Rama Sharma, Senior Public Relations Officer of  CBSE said, “The board has been conducting exams for so many years now and transparency and security is most important for us.”

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The board on Wednesday issued a notification warning people involved in spreading rumors via social media platforms with the intention of spreading confusion and panic among students, parents, schools and public. It further stated that, ‘persons involved in such activities are warned and advised to restrain themselves from such activities’. In such cases, the board will take necessary action as per the provisions of law.